Current Initiatives

Reviewing WorkSafeBC Claims

For decades, WorkSafeBC has been subjecting injured workers to human rights abuses by wrongfully denying or terminating their legitimate injury claims, rendering many permanently disabled and in financial ruin. We aim to advocate for these individuals and help them get the support they deserve.


This is done through meeting with and speaking to the individuals directly and learning their stories, and then by reviewing their WorkSafeBC files and claims for them to see if any errors were made in filling them out. If we find that no errors were made and that their claims were simply wrongfully denied, we help the injured worker challenge the denied claim and get the compensation they require.

In addition to helping to review their files, we contact and meet with advocates, lawyers, and politicians, such as local MLAs and MPs, to provide further support to the individuals and the organization and to call for legislative change that will ensure no other individuals will have to go through a similar process.

National Class Action Lawsuit

We are involved in a National Charter Class Action Lawsuit in which injured workers across the country are suing Canada's Workers Compensation Boards and tribunals who have knowingly violated the Charter of Rights of Injured Workers in Canada by denying them their lawful entitlement to workers compensation benefits. The claim has been filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

 Class Action Lawsuit Against
Red Door Housing and BC Housing

Read the following letter from a tenant to learn how and why we are helping many tenants in a class action lawsuit against Red Door Housing and BC Housing:


I am writing this on behalf of multiple Red Door Housing Society/BC Housing tenants.  Several tenants are facing unspeakable living situations at the hands of these organizations. Many tenants are living with mice, mold, cockroaches or are facing imminent threats of eviction and rent review inconsistencies. Red Door Housing Society/BC Housing have hired lawyers to threaten and intimidate low income/disabled/ESL tenants into silence instead of addressing the unlivable conditions of many of their units. One tenant killed 26 mice in 2 months and all maintenance requests for carpet replacement due to mice excrement have been ignored. Another tenant is facing imminent eviction due to rent review inconsistencies. This tenant was denied advocacy and an interpreter during a recent Residential Tenancy Branch hearing with Red Door Housing Society. She was not adequately able to defend herself and now she and her young son will be homeless. Another tenant living in a toxic, mold-filled home has been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to live in a mold-free home. This disabled tenant is going through a Human Rights Tribunal case and has had multiple doctors letters ignored and a doctor requested stay denied by Red Door Housing Society and BC Housing. A Ladner Willows tenant has had to flee her home and Canada due to exposing the horrendous living conditions in multiple Red Door Housing Society, BC Housing, and Kinsmen buildings. These are just a few of the many tenants whose lives are being negatively impacted by Red Door Housing Society and BC Housing. One only needs to look at the many stories in The Tyee about the lack of maintenance and health standards in various buildings under the BC Housing umbrella to know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Patrick Dudding (Acheson, Sweeney, Foley, Sahota Law Firm) is spearheading a class action lawsuit against BC Housing and Red Door Housing Society. Tenants have also partnered with the BC Human Rights Organization President/CEO Jaskarn Gill in hopes that their voices will be heard and that these injustices at the hands of Red Door Housing Society and BC Housing will be rectified.