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How-To Access WorkSafeBC Electronic Disclosure Files

If you are a new applicant and need to access your electronic disclosure files from WorkSafeBC, you will first need to set up a portal from WorkSafeBC. Follow the steps below and contact us if you have any difficulties or questions. 

1.    Go to WorkSafeBC’s website:

2.   Go to the top right corner and click “Login/Create an Account”.

3.   On the Login page, click on the “Sign up for online services” tab on the right-hand side of the             page.

4.   Fill out the online form with your information.

5.   After you fill out the form, you will need to contact WorkSafeBC to get a Customer Care Number              and Personal Access Number. (WorkSafeBC Call Center Number: 1-888-WORKERS or 1-888-967-          5377.)

6.   After you set up your online portal, you need to file for a request for electronic disclosure. 


7.   Download the PDF, fill it out, and send it to WorkSafeBC (The contact info is on the form).

8.  After a week on your portal, sign in and click on “View and Download disclosure file”.

9.  Once it is there, you can send it to us ( and we can review your file. If it is not        there, contact the IT department at WorkSafeBC and they will fix the issue for you.